Rwanda Gorilla Trekking with the visit to Karisoke Research Center

The Karisoke Research Center was nestled in an area between Mount Bisoke (to the north) and Mount Karisimbi (to the south). The Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park was founded by Dian Fossey on 24 September 1967, to study endangered mountain gorillas. Fossey located the camp in Rwanda’s Virunga volcanic mountain range, between […]

Rwanda, Uganda tours operators to promote Eco Tours Rwanda

Rwandan and Uganda tour operators have worked together to promote Eco tourism in Rwanda and Uganda. This followed a meeting between the Rwanda tours and Uganda tours operator in Kigali. Members from the Uganda Tours operator Association, the Kenya Association of Tour Agents and the East African Tourism Platform and their Rwanda tours counterparts attended […]

Know About Uganda Rwanda Gorillas

Uganda the “pearl of Africa” has got 10 national parks and other more wildlife game reserves. Below are the 10 national parks that exist in Uganda. The Lonely planet voted Uganda as the best destination 2012 Uganda Tours Voted Lonely Planet’s Number One destination for 2012 1. Murchison Falls National Park The Murchison Falls National […]

Self Drive Uganda Safaris in Uganda National Parks

When planning to take cheaper option safari in Uganda take self drive Uganda, as a mean of traveling in Africa. When you book our fleet we can as well book for you accommodations at lower prices and your safari become cheaper than those escorted safaris. On yourself drive you can spend more days in the […]

Uganda Camping Safaris with Nature Adventure Africa Safaris

Go camping safaris in Uganda and experience tree-climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park and adventurous gorillas trekking in Bwindi impenetrable National Park sees it all in Africa’s green and verdant heart I am sitting in my tent watching an amazing electric storm and listening to angry thunder rolling around the mountains of the Bwindi […]

Northern Uganda Cultural Safaris

In Northern Uganda, tourism attractions ranging from wildlife-rich landscapes, scenic Rivers, to cultural and historical sites, could not be accessed due to the insecurity, which at times included Murchison Fall National Park. With the return of peace to northern Uganda, there is an increased tourism love for the region. Currently, most are either business tourists […]

Northern Uganda Cultural Tourism Potentials

Tourism in Uganda has largely recovered from the political instability in the 1970’s and 1980’s. In the Southern and Western regions of the country, private investment in tourist facilities is evident and this has made it possible for these sub-regions to handle the increasing number of visitors. In northern Uganda, tourism attractions ranging from wildlife-rich […]

Fort Patiko: A beauty born out of slave trade

It was the 1800s. The Arabs, in their search for trading venues stumbled upon Ocecu Hill in present-day Gulu District. Patiko is a beauty – mountains and hills grace her extensive vegetation. And she advantageously sits near Nimule, South Sudan and onwards to eastern Egypt, where the Arabs sold their merchandise. The Arabs could not […]