Uganda tours & safaris, visit to the all the Uganda cultural sites on this 20 days Uganda Culture Safari, visiting the most Uganda cultural Sites and the Uganda wildlife sites spotting all the African wildlife species in Uganda.

Upon arrival met our guide and transfer to your hotel for dinner and overnight at Cassia Lodge/Hotel Africana. Meal plan: BB

Day1: Kampala City tour

After breakfast we shall go for Kampala city tour, Kampala city ‘the capital city’ of Uganda, is known as the city of seven hills, we shall visit the Uganda martyrs shrine in Namugongo where many Christian converts were burnt alive by one of the late king Mwanga of Buganda. We have a chance to have a brief history of the kingdom and the martyrs then continue to the Uganda Museum after we shall go for lunch after lunch, we shall drive to Ndere center for traditional dances and dinner and overnight at Hotel Africana

Day2: Buganda trail

Today we shall go for the Kabaka’s trail with packed lunch from hotel, this is much more than just sight-seeing, the Trail gives you a chance to learn about the hidden and forgotten history of Buganda, as well as to experience an authentic, traditional culture — with dance, music, craft-making, spiritual healing and storytelling, we shall start with the Buganda royal tombs in Kasubi the tradition burial place for the last four kings of Buganda, here we have a brief history of the kingdom of Buganda and also have a chance to sit in the biggest grass thatched house in the whole world that is still looking good (by UNESCO), here we shall see the back cloth a local fabric made from a local tree. From here we shall transfer to the Kabaka’s lake a manmade Lake in the suburbs of Kampala visit the Naggalabi coronation site, return to Cassia Lodge/Hotel Africana for dinner and overnight. Meal plan: F/B

Day3: Kampala-Ssezibwa

After an early breakfast transfer to Jinja, Visit the Ssezibwa falls that emerge from a twin river, the only place where black water rafting can take place in Africa with its beauty and healing in harmony. After sightseeing we shall continue to Jinja for lunch at the crested crane hotel after lunch visit the source of the longest River “the Nile” here we shall take a motorized canoe to see the spot where the Nile is believed to originate from after drive to Bujagali falls overnight at Nile Resort. Meal plan: F/B

Day4: Bigwala dance troupe

After breakfast, drive to the Bigwala dance troupe, the Basoga is Bantu speaking people who live in southeastern Uganda. They are neighbors to the Baganda, Bugwere, Basamia, Banyoli and Banyoro people. The Basoga are primarily subsistence agricultural people. “Bigwala” is a Lusoga language term that refers to a set of five or more monotone gourd trumpets of different sizes. The music of the trumpets and the dance performed to that music are both called “Bigwala”. Five drums accompany “Bigwala” music and they include a big drum “Ngoma enene”, a long drum “Omugabe, ” short drum “ Endyanga”, a medium size drum “Mbidimbidi” and a small drum “Enduumi” each of which p lay s a specific role in the set. Bigwala heritage is of significant palace / royal importance because of its ritualistic role during burial of kings, coronations and their anniversaries and stands as one of the main symbols of Busoga kingship. When King Henry Wako Muloki passed away on 1st September 2008, the “Bigwala” players were invited to Nakabango palace and Kaliro burial ground to perform their funeral function. After drive to Mbale town for dinner and overnight at Mbale Resort/Protea Hotel/Mount Elgon Hotel. Meal plan: F/B

Day5: Bagisu culture

After breakfast, visit the Bagisu in the slopes of Mt.Elgon to experience life style and cultural performance like the imbalu, kadodi, lunch, and then spend the whole day in Mbale region trying to experience the culture of the Gisu. Dinner and overnight as above. Meal plan: F/B

Day6: Mbale-Soroti

After breakfast, after transfer to Kumi with en-route visit to the Nyero Rock paintings widely recognized as some of the finest rock paintings in East Africa, the Nyero Rock paintings in Kumi district are surrounded by intrigue and mystery, were drawn about 400 years. Dinner and overnight at Soroti Hotel, Meal plan: F/B

Day7: Soroti-Karamoja

After breakfast, drive to Karamoja visiting the historical for the interesting information about this hill, if we are still have time take matheniko walk, Dinner and overnight at Moroto Hotel, Meal plan: F/B

Day8: Visit Matheniko

After breakfast, visit the matheniko in the highlands of the Karamoja, we shall spend full with this tribe learning more about the matheniko, we shall visit like 6 families today and we shall understand their history, the way they live in community, the way they eat and much more social life of the matheniko. Return to lodge for dinner and overnight, Meal plan: F/B

Day9: Visit Gear tribe

After breakfast, visit the gears tribe, the cattle keepers and we shall visit like 6 families to understand more about their cultural history, they will explain to you the meaning of the scars they have on their bodies, the way they live, they eat and behaviors. Dinner and overnight at Kotido guest house, Meal plan: F/B

Day10, 11 &12: Visit Manyatta &Dodoth tribe

After breakfast, visit the Dodoth and learn more about their culture, visit several families and learn the idea why they pin in their mouth, these are cattle keepers and are proud group in Uganda and Karamoja from others. The following day we shall visit the IK tribe, a small tribe in Uganda and they live in Mountains of Karamoja which borders Uganda Turkana. This group is vegetarians and eats honey, this group live long because of all the time they eat vegetables and honey and they are proud that the oldest person in Uganda are only found at this area.

Day13, 15 & 14: Visit Acholi Land Culture

After breakfast, drive to Gulu Museum at KalKwaro (Acholi cultural chief’s homestead), Visit to Kilak hills and Guru guru Caves for hiking and cultural tourism, Amuru hot springs, Samuel Gordon’s Fort at Patiko, Scenic drive to Larubi escarpment, Wanglei (Nyipir & Labongo separation point), Overnight stay in Acholi inn Gulu at Fort Patiko

Day16: Gulu-Kampala

After breakfast, embark the safari van and drive to Murchison Falls National Park with lunch en-route and then enter into the park and then stay at Fort Murchison Camp/Heritage Cottages/Bwana Tembo Camp. Meal plan: F/B

Day17: Game Drive & Boat Ride

Have breakfast, after go for the early morning game drive to spot the early riser wildlife like the {lions, leopards and other big five like elephants, buffaloes} and other wildlife species like giraffes, warthogs, water and bush bucks, oribi, topi among others. This experience takes 3-4 hours and then return to lodge for lunch, and then in the after take boat cruise along the River Nile towards the bottom of falls and on this cruise you will spot more wildlife and amphibians like elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles, hippos respectively as well as bird life species. Dinner and overnight as above, Meal plan: F/B

Day18: Game Drive & Visit Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Early morning breakfast, and after go for the second game drive to spot more wildlife species that were missed yesterday, after have lunch and thereafter cross with the afternoon ferry to the southern part of the park and then transfer to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and stay at the Amuka Safari Lodge. Meal plan: F/B

Day19: Ziwa Rhino Tracking-Kampala

Have breakfast, after go for the foot Rhino tracking which takes like 2-3 hours taking the unforgettable photos and the videos. Lunch and after embark the safari jeep and transfer back to Kampala for dinner and overnight at Cassia Lodge/Hotel Africana. Meal plan: F/B

Day20: Kampala City Tour-Departure

After breakfast, visit the historical, cultural and religious sites, craft village–place to buy African art, carvings, and masks of your desire. With a lunch break in the middle of the day. After transfer to the airport for your flight departure. End of services