Flying to Uganda-for tours with discounted, budget, low flights rates

Flying to Uganda-for tours with discounted, budget, low flights rates

Getting to Uganda for your African Holiday Safaris, Uganda tours, Uganda gorilla trekking, primates safaris & wildlife safaris, Nature adventure tours or Volunteer Trips is becoming easier every year, due to more and more airlines are flying into Entebbe International Airport and since there are now more international airlines, the rates have become quite competitive discounted.

If you are coming from Europe or from other regions you can fly out of London directly to Entebbe via British Airways.  From London you can also fly Air Emirates to Dubai and then on to Entebbe, or you fly via KLM to Amsterdam and then to Entebbe, or Ethiopian Airlines to Addis Ababa and then on to Entebbe, Southern Airlines to Pretoria to Entebbe, Uganda, Kenya Airlines to Nairobi to Entebbe, Uganda, Rwandair Airlines to Kigali to Entebbe, Uganda.

From the European Continent you can fly directly to Entebbe using Brussels Airlines to Entebbe Uganda awaits you, Uganda from Brussels and from Amsterdam there is KLM that has several weekly flights to and from Entebbe, Uganda. Lufthansa has just entered into a code sharing agreement with Brussels airlines adding another partner to flights to Uganda.

From North America, you can fly British Airways to London and then on to Entebbe, Uganda.  You can also take Northwest Airlines to Amsterdam and then fly KLM which is in partnership with Northwest Airlines and arrive here in Uganda at Entebbe Airport.

There are many ways of coming to Uganda and we love to help to make it easiest at the most competitive rates possible. Just write and we will send you the rates and particulars for your flights to Uganda.

Uganda is also a great place from which to venture to neighboring countries such as Rwanda and there are daily connections, you can fly directly to Arusha, Tanzania and also a flight to the island of Zanzibar, there are flights to the Democratic Republic (Goma and Bunia), Burundi, Sudan, and of course Kenya.

Entebbe Airport Arrivals and Departures:

Arrival at Entebbe International Airport:

A very nice and functional airport it is.  You will land on the shores of Lake Victoria and you will have to walk down the steps to the tarmac in order to enter the airport.  Assistance from a friendly staff is available if needed.  You enter the immigration arrival lounge and do not let the long lines throw you off, the processing is done quickly and efficiently and you are on your way to the baggage claim section where free luggage carts are available that you can take out to the parking lot or curb.

Customs is next and go through the green channel unless you have something to declare.  Recently scanners for luggage have been installed but I have always been waved through.

Once out in the terminal you can meet your party, take your car rental partner, a hotel shuttle or simply take a special hire taxi.  No bus service, or 14 passenger mini-van taxi is available until you get to Entebbe town itself.  A Forex Bureau for money changing is there, Barclay Bank, Eco Bank all has an ATM machines and you can easily obtain Ugandan shillings.

Departure from Entebbe Airport:

International Flights require that you are there three hours before departure:  As you enter the airport, your luggage is scanned before check-in.  Go to the airline counter and wait in line. Overweight luggage is charged extra without mercy (personal experience). In the case of KLM, the counter closes one hour prior to departure.  KLM has the best customer service (my opinion), they are constantly making sure everything is working out for you, initially they had a rough start and their customer service was atrocious and condescending, and I had to pay 400 dollars extra for overweight luggage and the treatment was terrible by some petty official of the airline who enjoyed having power.  British Airways has always been top-notch, while Brussels Airlines has some catching up to do according to people that have used them.

Next is immigration and the exit forms that you have to fill out and soon you will be in the departure lounge with duty-free shops and a nice restaurant where you can get something to eat and or other refreshment.

Lastly you check in your hand luggage for scanning and your passport and ticket and soon you will be flying off back home.