Self Drive Uganda Safaris in Uganda National Parks

4×4 Car Hire Uganda – Hire a 4×4 Car for Self Drive Safaris in Uganda’s Major National Parks

When planning to take cheaper option safari in Uganda take self drive Uganda, as a mean of traveling in Africa. When you book our fleet we can as well book for you accommodations at lower prices and your safari become cheaper than those escorted safaris. On yourself drive you can spend more days in the Uganda national park.

On this option, you have more flexibility on what to do, time to travel per day, what direction to take, where, when and what to eat, hence making this cheap self drive safaris in Uganda and it can be taken by both Luxury, Mid-range and Budget travelers.

More so, on this type of traveling a client has a high chance of discovering all what you want at your pace, and you can have enough time in the game drive to spot all wildlife species!

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The challenges that you may face is the many drivers and vehicles on the roads in Uganda, on holidays as many clients visit the Uganda national parks, this can be traffic jams in towns and in national parks for wildlife sightings, camps.

But if you an Eco-tourist give us a chance to organize for you your safari in all un-spoiled places, like Mabira forest, Maramagambo forest, Kibale forest, Bwindi forest for all spotting primates, birds and much more tourism species like plants and insects.

Remember while in the parks you are not allowed to off-track for any wildlife spotting like elusive leopard, lions or Rhinos observed from distant view. Also, be responsible for the vehicle off-tracking in the park as our aim is to conserve for the future. Book your Self drive Uganda rental car, and our services are 24/7 hours on your way to the parks or other tourism destination!

Lastly, when you travel with our fleet we can arrange for you the accommodations that blend with nature. We work with all Uganda lodges and safari camps which blend with nature and we support Eco-tourism in Uganda.

These lodges offer nice meals, customer care, nice bending, hot water and all our lodges work in supporting local communities near the establishment.

To each his own when it comes to making the decision about whether to self-drive in Uganda park or opt to stay at a private reserve lodge in Greater Murchison falls national park.

If costs are an important consideration, a self-drive experience should be highly considered. Also, for those who prefer self-reliant style travel or simply want the freedom and flexibility of driving on their own, the self-drive experience might be more preferred.

For those with limited time and the budget to work with, the private reserve lodge experience is worth considering. Also, for those who prefer a step up in the comforts, services side of travel and/or those who want to maximize their wildlife viewing opportunities, the private reserve experience is probably the better way to go. Book your Rav4 4×4 for yourself drive safari at cheap price as low as $ 47-50 dollars per day without driver and fuel.

A self drive safari is new concept that we have launched in Uganda and it will offer you unforgettable experience, but take responsibility of your travel on own safety, the safety of others as well as the well-being of the park’s wildlife is your responsibility and you have to exercise the respect for the wildlife in the parks.

Take these rules to heart and you will be safe, while enjoying the wonders of Africa’s great wildlife in their natural environment.

Nothing beats the thrill of a self-drive safari with your loved ones, but at the same time it can be incredibly daunting when big wildlife brushes against your vehicle, without the safety or protection of an experienced guide.

National wildlife parks such as the Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Kidepo National Park in Uganda offers self drive safaris, but no one should approach such an adventure without familiarizing themselves with the natural environment which you will be moving through, the wildlife that roam here, and what precaution and safety measures need to be followed.

The rhythm of wildlife

In the bush, time passes a whole lot differently.  Do not try to rush wildlife across the road, or usher them along with your vehicle.  This is looking for trouble.

Allow wildlife the freedom to move along at their own pace.  Although this may take patience on your part, you will be rewarded with wonderful wildlife viewing, and safe interaction between man and beast.

Keep a safe distance

Keeping a safe distance from lions, elephants, rhino and other large wildlife is your greatest safety defense. Self drive safari enthusiasts ignored do not ignore basic rule.

Wildlife can be unpredictable, especially to the untrained eye.  Elephants reacted to feeling threatened, charged and trampled the vehicles.  As unfortunate as this whole situation is, let us learn from this by keeping our distance.

If you have never been on an Africa safari before, perhaps you will feel safer with the guidance and experience of a safari guide on board.

But for the adventurous among us, a self-drive safari is a thrill that continues to satisfy.  There is no need to feel that a self-drive safari is too dangerous – our biggest concern is self-drive safari and park visitors that do not keep to the very basic of safety rules.

Most of the incidences we’ve heard lately could have been avoided if the safety rules were kept.  Regardless of which park, reserve, lodge or other wildlife location you intend to visit, the safety rules stay the same.  Take these to heart, and you will be rewarded with a special interaction with Africa’s greatest and dearest.